A  team of professionals, aiming to offer quality performances
at a see-through price for the health of your mouth

Correct information, clear answers, seriousness and guarantees
for those looking for quality at the correct price.

What is Dentalsynergy

The Dentalsynergy network started in 2006 from a group of dentists and friends used to work together in the cathegory syndacate area. The reciprocal appraisal and acquaintance, plus the common goals, put the basis for the next step.
The initiative was born in order to try to give an answer to the dental patients' strong need of being followed 360° with an optimal quality standard for a balanced price.
We did not believe in the "big structure" philosophy because inside it, too often the patient ceases to be a person and ends up to be just a "clinical case", passing anonimously from one practitioner to the next, undergoing a process of depersonification and dehumanization. The consequences are the lack of communication and of information which instead represent the starting point of the direct and trusted relation supporting the good result of a dental therapy.
The members of the Synergy Team are connected in a territorial network covering the city of Pordenone and they share specific know-hows in order to solve any dental problem within an integrated patient's management; every professional with his specific knowledge will do his part to reach a satisfying result.