The importance of prevention

What do you check first when looking at yourself in a mirror? Probably your hair or some other detail. But what about your smile? A smile is the result of the contraction of some muscles thanks to which the look brightens up and the mouth's corners bend a little upwards to express satisfaction.

Have you noticed how much your teeth influence your smile? If you mind for your smile, you certainly also will take care of your teeth. Permanent teeth are built to last a lifetime and they deserve a special care. Chewing and speaking apart, teeth hold up lips and cheeks giving a pleasant look as a result.

In dentistry, a great importance is put  into prevention as a means to reduce teeth and gum damage. Maybe you get nervous when thinking of a dental check up. If it so, talk to your doctor. Before beginning a therapy, make sure you get proper explanation about the treatment phases, ask him to show you the therapeutic procedures you did not understand and inform yourself about  the oral hygene methods you might adopt in your everyday life. You may also push the dental health of your children, describing oral hygene to them in a positive way, and not by threatening them to be carried at the dentists' if they don't behave properly.