Quality in dentistry

This is a very itchy issue to discuss, but it is the basic reason why DENTAL SYNERGY was created.

Generally, when talking about teeth and dental care, there is a tendency to compare things that look the same but don't share the same features, even if they're being called in the same way.

It's very easy to understand that none of us would enter a car sale asking "What's the price of a car?". The question is of course meaningless: what car are we talking about? Which model? What power? Which accessories?

It's very curious that many people ask the dentist "How much does a crown cost?", without understanding that, for the dentist, this question is at least as meaningless as the previous one.

Will the tooth need a root treatment? Will it need a post or not? Which material will the crown be done with, but most of all with what extent of finishing precision and therefore with how much technical complexity and what number of terms?

Speaking of dental care, the quality level changes very much depending on the clinician. Performances that share similar names, can be produced in tens of different ways, with different materials, techniques and timings. There is no law defining precise operative protocols for executing a dental care act, and for this reason there's no pre-defined quality standard.

Nonetheless, scientifically clearly recognized techniques and materials in this branch do exist, and they represent a point of excellence that has to be reached.

Even if these techniques don't give a 100% safety on the results (nothing concerning medicine is absolutely certain!!), they are recognized worldwide as the best ones and are the most used because they produce the most reliable results.

Not to follow these protocols or using lower quality materials means to do compromises on quality, which are acceptable only if quality and reliability of the care is not affected.