New technologies

During the last years, the industry developed numeric controlled machines for precision working of metals, that entered forcefully into every branch of production.

The application of these technologies to the dental sector was only a matter of time, and it punctually was realized. Many possibilities are now available to build metal and ceramic structures for fixed prosthetics, based on CAD-CAM systems.

Essentially, these are based on the 3D scanning (digitalizing) of a model of the patient's denture after it's been prepared to receive a fixed prosthetics, regardless if on natural teeth or implants.
The virtual model serves as a basis for dedicated softwares which are used to design the structure and to give instructions to a machine that does the manufacturing.

Syntherization is a very interesting technology in which the prosthetical construction happens by means of a laser beam that fixes metal or porcelain dust by layers, thus composing the desired shape. The advantage of these structures is that no errors deriving from metal fusion process (such as those occurring in the lost wax technique) are possible, and therefore, the manufacts are more resistant.

This application is particularly convenient when very large prosthetics have to be built and, the bigger the prosthesis, the more consistent the saving on the final price.

Dental Synergy offers this modern technology to its patients, putting it beside its quality solutions.