Dental care today

When you make the decision to trust a dentist with the care of your teeth and the health of your mouth, you have to take several different factors into account, which all end up to point out the best possible relation between quality and price.

Choosing your dentist mainly on a money saving matter, will always turn out to be a wrong decision because, most of the times, the techniques used are sloppy, materials are second rate and biological or healing periods are not respected.

It may also happen to you that the professional you're trusting, actually could be no real doctor, and this also leads to the lacking of a guarantee over what is being done in your mouth.

Hard discount dentistry should sound to you as a warning even if the quality is acceptable because, very often, price lists are not "all inclusive".

Would you buy a car if you were told something like: "Well, if you also want the wheels on, you have to pay an extra"?

One box of spaghetti of a certain brand always is the same wherever you buy it. Speaking of the same product makes sense in comparing the price.

But when you talk about dental care, you're not buying spaghetti. What quality is being offered? What safety is guaranteed by the practician? Is the price "all inclusive"?

Having something white put in your mouth in a breaf time and at a low cost is very easy, but it is also a short lasting illusion that definitely means playing around with your health.