Born in Pordenone on  December 3, 1967
Degree: Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry (DDS equivalent) - University of Trieste, November 13/1991
Specific in Conservative dentistry, Endodontics, Gnatology (Temporo-mandibular disorders), Implants, Posturally guided Prosthetics

Our Dental Office
Our dental office has been working for more than 25 years on every kind of patient of any age, aiming to meet  effectively and efficiently everybody's therapeutical needs.

We study each different solution for the mouth's health together with the patient and we always try to propose the one that offers the most safe guarantees of success.

We firmly believe in the importance of being absolutely clear and detailed when describing pros and cons of each single procedure in order to have the patient actively participating in doing a choice, always suggesting the most appropriate one and delivering consciousness of its features.

Our agenda always preserves a certain flexibility, to cope with emergencies as fast as possible, and to obtain an appropriate time period for an appointment.

A comfortable and friendly relation between you and our staff allows a better welcome and a better perception of all your needs, be them clinical or administrative.



Dr. Marco Haberl DDS

Dr. Silvia Spezzacatene DDS

Dr. Marica Rongadi Hygenist

Miss. Romina Patruno Administration and assistance

Mrs. Ana Maria Purcaru Administration and assistance

Our office, perfectly normed and technologically up to date offers in particular:
  • Digital radiography, Professional oral Hygene and Prevention, Dental cosmetics and teeth whitening, Application of dental jewels, Advanced aesthetical dental fillings, Root canal treatments, Precision Porcelains, Fixed Prosthetics, Mobile Prosthetics, Postural Prosthetics, Gum surgery, Osteointegrated implants, Basic postural analysis,Temporo-Mandibular Joint therapy, Experience on disabled patients

OUR GPS COORDINATES: N 45°58.338' - EO 12°39.321'