Borni in Maniago (PN) on February 23, 1968
Degree: Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry (DDS equivalent) - University of Trieste, November 2/1992
Specific in conservative dentistry, prosthetics, gnatology and homeopathy
Our dental office

In our dental office, all mouth and teeth issues are treated, with a special attention to two factors: esthetics and chewing function.

For this reason, we're equipped with the most advanced technologies:

the CAD-CAM, by means of which imprints are avoided and porcelain crowns can be delivered to the patients in one appointment only;

digital computerized X-rays, also for the whole mouth (panoramic imaging), which allows to do analisis of teeth, bone, articulations and early diagnosis, in real time and with low radiation amount.

Thanks to a careful organization, punctuality and periodical checks are guaranteed, in relation to the treatment, in order to be followed by professionals always ready to give details, motivation and cures.

Audio and video media are also used to sensibilize people to oral prevention and to spread information on modern dentistry.

The use of auricular acupuncture, particularly indicated for chronic and acute osseo articular pain, completes the dental care.

Our Staff:

Dr. Laura Pittau                DDS

Dr. Elisa Papais                DDS

Mrs. Stefania Zancan      Assistance and administration

Miss. Laura Castelletto    Assistance

Our office, perfectly normed and technologically up to date offers in particular:
Integral porcelains with CAD-CAM technique (crowns and facets), Digital X-ray and Ortopantomography technology (panoramics), Esthetical fillngs, Porcelain and composite inlays, One-appointment bleaching, Application of dental jewels, Implantology, Fixed and removable prosthetical solutions, Dental hygene and prevention, Extractive and periodontal surgery, Gnatology and bites, Auricular acupuncture

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