Born in Aviano (PN) on October 21, 1966
Degree: Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry - University of Trieste, November 4, 1992
He is particularly deducated to Cranio - Cervical - Mandibular disorders and to the integration of non conventional medicine inside Odontology, and particularly acupuncture

Our dental office

Our dental office is specialized in answering every case in a personal and unique way.

Since ever, we approach our patient with different working methodologies, fixing our attention primarily on the person and his clinical problematics.

The major goal of our office is to offer attention and care to the person and his dental issues in a confortable environment that may put him at his ease and make him feel as part of a big family.

Our strong point is to treat every branch of odontology giving special attention to anxiety problems in adults as well as in the child, all the postural and functional problematics and their relation between stomatognatic district and the general one.

The treatment of phobic cases and of children with behaviour problems, is approached by coping with it using different methods, from the use of Nitrogen Protoxid, to autogenic training techniques, and the use of tradional chinese medicine.

Complex postural and functional cases are treated with all the normal methodologies for the cranic-cervical-mandibular management disorders, as well as with the aid of typical methodologies of the traditional chinese medicine together with osteopatic manipulation techniques.

The office benefits from the help of prepared collaborators, sharing the same ideals, maintaining each their own specificity, and carrying their experiences and studies that blend together creating new synergies and new stimuli for operators and patients.

The high number of operators allows a wide scheduling time availability during the workday and flexibility in the urgency management.

Our inspiring philosophy always was the particular attention to listening and to the sharing of therapeutical lines, thanks to a valuable dialectics aimed to illustrate the molteplicity of the choices available.

Our office, technologically advanced and perfectly normed, offers:

postural and functional analysis and therapeutics, auricular therapy and occlusal and postural rebalancing treatments, also by means of agopuncture, sedation by Nitrogen Protoxid, digital radiography, periodontal and implant surgery, functional gnatology and miotherapy, oral hygene and prophilaxis,aesthetic conservative dentistry, root canal treatments, dental cosmetics, mobile and fixed prosthetics, precision and aesthetic porcelains.


In our office you meet :

Dr. Poletto Denis DDS expert in dental prosthetics and specialized in traditional chinese medicine at the Sapienza university of Rome

Dr. Fantuzzi Valentina DDS expert in endodontics

Dr. Forzan Mauro DDS expert in conservative odontology, posturology and manual therapy

Dr. Giacometti Tiziana DDS specialized in pedodontics and expert in orthodontic therapy

Dr. Paliaga Valentina DDS expert in pedodontics, hygene and prophilaxis

Miss Lechleitner Luisa nutritional consultant according to tradional chinese medicine

Poletto Flavia chair assitant

Abd El Moula Alaa Aladino chair assistant