Born in Pordenone on February 22, 1966
Degree: Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry (DDS equivalent) - University of Trieste, March 25/1991
Specific in prevention and microinvasive procedures
Our Dental Office

Since over 20 years, our dental office offers to its patients a vast number of services, all performed at the highest professionality achieved with continuous education and wider experience.

The firm also was targeted mainly on deficiency in bone implant cases. gingival and dental surgery minimally invasive. Orthodontics in complex cases.

A careful and constant update in the technique and in the choice of materials, allows us to propose the best solution to the patient's specific needs, and according to his situation.

Maximum of punctuality is our distinguishing feature, in the belief that it represent a consistent part of the patient's satisfaction and that it is a way to establish a correct confidential interaction; the whole team is at disposal for urgent cases and every administrative and medical topic.

Our Staff:

Dr. Dario Del Ben                     DDS

Dr. Michela Manfrini                 DDS

Dr. Alberto Bravo                     Hygenist

Miss Gina Bertagno                 Assistance

Miss Marica De Piero              Assistance

Our office, perfectly normed and technologically up to date offers in particular:
Cone Beam computer assisted tomography, Micro invasive gingival surger, Bone surgery, Osteointegrated implants, Orthodontics, Advanced easthetical dental fillings, Root canal treatments, Precision Porcelains, Fixed and mobile prosthetics, Postural prosthetics, Temporo-Mandibular Joint therapy, Oral hygene and prevention, Dental cosmetics and teeth whitening, Application of dental jewels, Experience on disabled patients

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