Born in Pordenone on September 03, 1961
Degree: General Medicine and Surgery - University of Verona, July 20/1990
Specific in Implant surgery and prosthetics
Our dental office

Our office cures the main oral pathologies and is particularly specialized in rehabilitations on osteointegrated implants;

thanks to a continuous updating and to computer assisted surgery, we are able to reduce the patient's stress to the minimum, being able to directly insert the fixtures without operating any cuts and sutures.

As an example, it's possible to ectract a compromised tooth, insert the implant and apply a provisional crown in the same appointment.

In a similr way, in more extended rehabilitations, covering one or two arches, the eventual extractions and implant insertions, happen in the same appointment; the provisional prosthetis on implants is applied between 24-36 hours.

Every single case needs a careful evaluation and planning, which are carried on together with the patient in order to obtain a personalized treatment plan based on every specific need.



Dr. Alessandro Serena               DDS

Dr. Sara Bodi                              DDS

Mrs. Patrizia Andrigo                  Administration and assistance

Mrs. Anna Bertolo                      Administration and assistance

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